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Sam Maling

Sam Maling is a Christchurch based Arbitrator and Mediator with over 40 years experience.
He is available to resolve your dispute anywhere across New Zealand.



Level 1, North Lobby, Awly Building,
293 Durham Street, Christchurch 8013
PO Box 79043

MOBILE: 021 222 8055


Arbitration is a formal process to resolve disputes.  It is conducted by an independent person – an Arbitrator – who is empowered by the Arbitration Act 1996 to impose a solution where the parties cannot agree.

  • Rules of Natural Justice apply
  • Both parties have a full opportunity to present
  • Legal principles applied

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Mediation and Facilitation

Mediation is a process in which an Independent professional –the Mediator– assists the parties to find an agreed solution to a dispute usually affecting their legal rights. The Mediator cannot impose a solution but may suggest an outcome or range of outcomes which are explored with the parties in the course of the process. Any solution must be agreed between the parties and signed off by them.

Facilitation is similar but more focussed on encouraging a dialogue between parties with entrenched views. It offers an opportunity to each party to state their view plainly and in turn be subject to points of clarification so that each has a clearer understanding of the other’s position.The process may or may not result in consensus.